Divinity In Us - by Gabriel F. Duran

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How Is It That We Are Here?

We chose an experience within Creation in which we would have complete free will. As well as be able to Create as we choose, thus being co-creators.

 When we arrived here, we did as we were intended to do. We developed each of the seven virtues of God, so that we became perfect co-creators within the creation. The first three of seven root races that were to use the Earth as a school, did as was expected and ascended to the next dimension of creation. Later, due to a cosmic decree, we became host to those from other star systems that were not ready to proceed on in their next progression on their spiritual path, within their own worlds. These life streams were not willing to raiser their frequency to the level that they needed to be at, in order to ascend with their world on to the next stage of the “in-breath” of their system of worlds. As such, our hierarchy through an act of mercy allowed them to be hosted on our planet in order to complete their evolution and proceed were they would best serve. These life streams that we host on our planet, were called by the Ascended Host as “laggards”.

 Due to the influence of the “laggards” we began creating what is known as human discord. We began creating rather negatively rather than staying within the Perfection of Creation. This human discord that we’ve created has been accumulating all throughout the Earth.

This became known as the “fall of man”.

It was due to this discord that we lost our attention on our Divine aspect. We stopped seeing the Angels and all of the heavenly host. As our discord was such that it created a veil that we could not penetrate. First we lost seeing these ones, then we lost the ability to hear them.

For energy is neither gained nor diminished, it is merely qualified by the energy we Create with it.

As such, our accumulating human discord that we all created manifested in the atmosphere and all throughout the planet where negative creations have been manifested.

We have spent numerous lives working within Creation while not understanding what we were accomplishing. Some of those lives were blessings to Mother Gaia and Ourselves. We honored Creation through those lives. In other lives, we lived very disharmoniously.

This leads us to the objective of today…

We are here to transmute those limitations that we created within Creation, into the Perfection that truly exists within all Creation.

All of our personal energy that we have used throughout all of our various lives must be transmuted back into the Divine energy that was its intended purpose. Until we transmute our misused energy back into its original Divine state, we will not ascend. And how we do this is through loving life free.

We are to work harmoniously within Creation and honor Her as we do ourselves. As we transmute our Karma as an individual, we will also transmute our accumulated Karma throughout Gaia. For Gaia, herself is transitioning all those within 3rd dimensional realms to the 5th dimensional realms and higher.

We are returning to the One-ness that we are. We are working harmoniously as a collective to bring us all together into the next and final Golden Age. This Golden Age will be established permanently on our planet Gaia. She will be in Her Divine state as we will be as well.

There are those that will chose to experience more Creation in limitation, and there is no judgement concerning that. However, those that chose to remain on Gaia will be partaking in the Ascension that She and We accomplish together. For We are returning our Creation back to the Perfection that It Is.

Our Mental State

 When our consciousness fell on our planet, we left operating from balance to operating within duality. When we are truly balanced, we operate equally from our Heart and our Mind. We let the Heart direct our being and we are functioning harmoniously throughout the entire body. When we start living from and operating from our Heart center, we will begin the process of reintegration.

When our consciousness fell, we separated our various bodies even further from our density. We have left communication within various parts of our multidimensional aspects. This brought us further in limitation, then most civilizations.

Our Holistic Bodies

We are now re-integrating various aspects of ourselves, once more. We will be able to communicate and operate from within our individual Merkabahs. We will once more bring our innate and our intuition back to the forefront. For in reality, these need to be developed to the extent that we have developed our brains. And they will be used as much as if not more than our brains.

When we began this aspect of Creation, we decided to limit our DNA’s operation for the sake of having a balance between light and dark, for the experience. The light is so powerful, that the amount of light we activated was 35% activation of DNA. The dark has the 65% of DNA that was inactive to influence us. It is said that in the beginning we operated at 35% of our DNA active. And throughout the experiment, we have fluctuated within that range with slightly more and then slightly less. This will once more be brought back into being more activated. You will know when as a society we have obtained 35% functionality of DNA, as the proof will be demonstrated in gender equality once more. The female will become balanced with the male in society. Thus, will enter more of the Divine Feminine throughout our females, as this is already occurring.

As our DNA efficiency increases, our consciousness will change as well. We will be more holistic and balanced. We will work with our light bodies more. We will draw more sacred fire from the Great Central Sun. This is the process of the ascension.

Shortly, we will be able to heal our bodies and retain the youth we so desire. We will be able to manifest with our thoughts firstly within our individual bodies, and more so within our Creations as a whole. For our consciousness is key to all of this. And our consciousness will return to the Divinity that it is.



There will be increased cosmic radiation from the Great Central Sun, that will enter our Sun and then progress throughout our Solar system. This will bring more of our DNA into an activated state. We will be more of the Divinity that we are. And our progression will be increased. For we are Ascending.

Your Divine Self
(representation below)
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