Divinity In Us - by Gabriel F. Duran

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Divinity In Us

We are who we've been waiting for!
We are our own saviors!
For we have divinity in us!
We are Divine!

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We Are All One
We Are All Divine
We Are All Immortal
We Are All Multidimensional

The Central Sun is your true home. It is impossible to not be in your true home. However, you may project any divine aspect of yourself within Creation. Working through a Divine Plan from All That Is, you are that projection of your own Divine “I AM” Presence.

Your own existence is due to your "I AM" Presence extending its own Divine Heart Fire Flame, known as the Unfed Flame, for your incarnation. This is what beats your heart. You may only exist in this incarnation while that Divine Heart Fire Flame is extended to you. When your Higher-Self has determined, your incarnation is complete, this Divine Unfed Flame will withdraw. We term that occurrence, Death, even though there is no such thing as "death". You always have and always will exist in some form.

The goal of existence here in this realm, or dimension, is to Ascend to a higher dimensional realm. When you successfully accomplish this, the whole of Creation opens up to you. From the 5th dimensional realm up, all possibilities are opened for your experience.
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